Hotel Ibis London Shepherds Bush Creates a Positive Impact with Rensair

François Zissel, assistant general manager of the Hotel Ibis London Shepherd’s Bush, says his contemporary hotel is usually quite successful with an average 90% year-round occupancy. Zissel, who has worked at this 128-bedroom hotel for more than two years, acknowledges that the coronavirus pandemic has affected business. “The current situation is challenging because of COVID-19,” he says. 

Attention to detail sets his hotel apart from others, and in these times he has turned his attention to the health and safety of his guests and staff. This includes enhancing the hotel air purification with Rensair

Zissel knows that customers have multiple options, sometimes at the same rate, when booking their hotel stay. “Especially during this challenging time, people are looking for health and safety security so by providing additional air purification we are offering a safety feature that other hotels don’t provide,” he says.

Zissel says besides thorough cleaning and protective equipment, using Rensair air purification in all areas of the hotel has a positive impact on guests. “Using Rensair shows the guests, on top of all the other measures, that we are taking this very seriously and their health and safety is our top priority,” he says. 

Zissel also praises the Rensair system as easy to use and install. “It’s quite straightforward,” he says. The staff also appreciates the system’s ease of use and added safety benefits. He even says he is happy to show other hotels how Rensair works and the benefit and impact it can have on their business.

Zissel says addressing air purification with Rensair is reassuring. “It creates a positive feeling in this challenging time,” says Zissel. A feeling that his staff and guests clearly appreciate.

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The Ibis Hotel used Rensair in the seating, dining and bar area to provide extra safety measures for guests and employees

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