Originally developed for Scandinavian hospitals.
Now used by businesses globally.

  • Hospital-Grade Technology

    Originally developed for Scandinavian hospitals, the Rensair patented solution uses the most advanced air purification technology. Each air purifier consists of a germicidal ozone-free UVC light placed in the center of a cylindrical high-quality H13 HEPA filter. This captures and also inactivates viruses and bacteria trapped on the filter surface.

  • Tested by Independent Laboratories

    Independent worldwide leaders in science and technology have extensively tested the Rensair air purifier technology incl. Eurofins, Norconsult & Oslo University Hospital.

  • Large Cleaning Capacity

    Rensair cleans up to 560 m³ air per hour. This means that one Rensair air purifier can clean a room of 230 m² with normal ceiling height per hour. Use a combination of multiple Rensair air purifiers in larger spaces to maintain the same efficacy.

  • Effective Air Circulation

    Rensair’s patented design and powerful fan create effective air circulation ensuring all air in the room is purified, as documented by the independent consultancy Norconsult.

  • Easy to Use

    It takes just one person to set-up Rensair and no installation is required. Just turn it on to start purifying the air. Operate Rensair with controls on the machine or by using a remote. Wheel mounting makes it possible to maneuver the air purifier between locations.

  • Low and Safe Maintenance

    You only need to change the HEPA filter after 9000 hours of continued use (1 year).
    Rensair’s patented design featuring continued germicidal UVC illumination of the filter surface keeps the filter clean from pathogens and is therefore safe to change.

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“I was thrilled when we found Rensair – a solution that could just wheel in and turn on”

Sharai Meyers, founder of Purple Dragon

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Quick setup

No installation. Just turn it on to start purifying the air


Mounted on caster wheels makes it easy to move

Auto clean

Intelligent sensors adjust level to surrounding air particles

Quiet presence

Maintains low noise levels despite a powerful motor

Clean design.
Sturdy metal case.

Fast delivery

We keep stock in the UK, continental Europe and the US and can deliver within a week

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions

    H: 77cm (30.3in), Ø: 37cm (14.5in)

  • Box Dimensions

    H: 84cm (33in) x W: 43cm (16.9in) x D: 43cm (16.9in)

  • Net weight

    18kg (40lbs)

  • Gross Weight

    Including box: 21kg (46lbs)

  • Colour


  • HEPA filter

    EU13 (EN 1822 class H13)

  • UVC lamp

    18W, 254nm light

  • Power cord

    3m long

  • CE Certified (UK & EU)

    220-240V,v ~50Hz, IEC C14 to C13 connector to allow for different power plugs

  • ETL Certified (US & Canada)

    110-120V, ~60Hz, US type B power plug

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