2. Dezember 2021 – 2 Min.

Rensair und The Tailoring Academy sind aus dem gleichen Holz geschnitzt

Die Tailoring Academy, ein unabhängiger Schulungsanbieter in Macclesfield (Cheshire, Großbritannien), nutzt die Luftreinigung von Rensair, um den persönlichen Unterricht während der Pandemie fortzusetzen. Mehr lesen
23. November 2021 – 2 Min.

Rensair schließt sich dem Expertenteam der Westbourne Medical Studios an

Based in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland, Westbourne Medical Studios is a private GP clinic focused on integrative medicine. The clinic - featured in Tatler’s UK Top 20 private GPs - adopts a 360o approach to patient care that is … Mehr lesen
22. November 2021 – 2 Min.

Rensair dient dem sichersten Restaurant Amerikas

Beach Bistro, a fine dining restaurant on Anna Maria Island, Florida, is fast making a name for itself. Not for serving the best food in America, for which it is already renowned and has a 4.9 Zagat rating, but for being … Mehr lesen
19. November 2021 – 2 Min.

Rensair hilft obdachlosen Kindern

HALO is a non-profit for homeless and at-risk children. Based in the State of Missouri, USA, it has facilities in Kansas City and Jefferson City and serves over 2,000 children around the world per year. … Mehr lesen
11. November 2021 – <1 Min.

Rensair sorgt für zusätzlichen Schutz im Pflegeheim „Rayners“

Rayners’ management had come across HEPA and UVC separately and Rensair’s ‘double whammy’, combining both technologies in one compact unit, appealed to them. The entrapment of particles prior to destruction with UVC was a critical attribute, as was powerful … Mehr lesen
14. Oktober 2021 – <1 Min.

Rensair an französischen Schulen

Three schools in France – ESAO, EPIN, and New School Lyon – have specified Rensair portable air purifiers to protect health and promote learning through clean air. “In order to respond to the concerns of parents and to offer better … Mehr lesen
Oktober 7, 2021 – 2 Min.

Das Pflegeheim Wren Hall setzt Rensair als Schutzmaßnahme ein

After seeing Rensair used in another care home in the Nottinghamshire area, Wren Hall ordered several air purifier units for the communal areas within the older part of the building, which was not equipped with a modern HVAC system. … Mehr lesen
Oktober 4, 2021 – 2 Min.

Rensair ermöglicht Präsenzunterricht für Kinder mit Lernschwierigkeiten während der Pandemie

Oak Hill Academy in Dallas, Texas, is a non-profit center of education and growth for students who learn differently and might struggle in traditional classrooms. The Academy caters for as many as 175 full time students, from preschool through high … Mehr lesen
22. September 2021 – 2 Min.

Pflegeheim verlässt sich auf Rensair und liefert rund um die Uhr saubere Luft

Brookvale made a point of communicating to client families about the new infection control measures put in place for air quality, knowing that nobody wanted a repeat of the visiting restrictions that had caused so much angst during lockdown. … Mehr lesen
14. September 2021 – 2 Min.

Skills for Chicagoland’s Future nutzt Rensair, um Luftqualität zu steigern

Skills for Chicagoland’s Future (Skills) is a public-private partnership working to match businesses that have current, unmet hiring needs with qualified, unemployed and underemployed job seekers. Its office, located in a multi-storey building in downtown Chicago, has no direct … Mehr lesen
13. September 2021 – <1 Min.

Rensair sorgt für reine Luft im Liberty GYM Sarlat

Liberty GYM Sarlat, a fitness club based in southwestern France, has selected Rensair air purification to protect its members from coronavirus. … Mehr lesen
2. August 2021 – <1 Min.

Rensair sorgt für gesunde Atemluft in Schönheits- & Hautklinik

Evolve Medical, a pioneering cosmetic & skin treatment clinic in Pudsey, near Leeds in West Yorkshire, has selected Rensair air purification to safeguard its patients and staff. … Mehr lesen
20. Juli 2021 – 2 Min.

Rensair kontrolliert Luftpartikelbewegungen in Flugsimulator

Rensair has equipped SOLID'AIR SIM’s A320 flight simulator with an air purifier, enabling out-of-work pilots to stay safe while retaining the core skills to secure re-employment. … Mehr lesen
Juni 30, 2021 – <1 Min

Brasilianisches Restaurant setzt auf Goldstandard bei der Luftreinigung

Capim Dourado, a Brazilian restaurant located in Porto, Portugal is gathering momentum after the Coronavirus lockdown with Rensair. … Mehr lesen
3. Juni 2021 – 3 Min

triyoga – erfolgreich dank Rensair

Rensair air purification now in all triyoga locations … Mehr lesen

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