We live and breathe clean air

Rensair is a specialist in air purification, protecting and enhancing lives through clean air.

“Air purification is key to mitigating the risk of Covid infection. If companies are to encourage employees and customers to return to their premises, practical steps must be taken to prioritise health & safety.

Just as people expect pure water from the tap, or hygienic food from the supermarket, so too they expect clean air in buildings and shared spaces. It’s not just an expectation, it’s a human right.”

– Christian Hendriksen, Co-founder & CEO

Trusted globally to deliver clean indoor air

The Rensair air purifier was originally developed by Danish ventilation engineer Henrik Hendriksen to meet the strict standards of Scandinavian hospitals.

Today, Rensair is trusted around the world, as Henrik’s twin sons – Christian and Frederik – pursue their mission to protect and enhance lives through proven clean air technology.


Rensair traps and destroys

As the world embarks upon large-scale re-opening after lockdown, people are naturally anxious about returning to offices, schools, restaurants and hospitality venues. Rightly so, as the World Health Organisation’s latest advice places far greater emphasis on Covid transmission from inhaling airborne droplets, rather than from touching contaminated surfaces.

Rensair’s portable, hospital-grade air purifier is helping businesses and communities get back on their feet. Our patented technology, which combines H13 HEPA filtration with germicidal UVC light, was initially developed to meet the strict standards of Scandinavian hospitals. It traps and destroys more than 99.97% of airborne bacteria and viruses, including the Coronavirus family, helping to protect lives through clean air.


Validated by independent experts

The efficacy of Rensair’s patented technology is documented by several independent scientific laboratories, including Eurofins, Norconsult, Oslo University Hospital, and the Danish Technological Institute.

On the back of these credentials, Rensair’s trusted technology has been adopted by doctor and dental practices, care homes and hospitals worldwide, including several NHS trusts.

Rensair is proud to be an Associate Member of the NHS Confederation and supports their aim by providing education and expertise on hospital-grade air purification to combat airborne viruses and bacteria. As a result, we hope to improve infection control standards across the NHS and facilitate a return to full capacity, thereby reducing the backlog caused by the pandemic.

Rensair meets all the air purification standards recommended by the UK SAGE committee and US EPA and has been included in Newsweek’s list of Best Infection Prevention Products 2021.


Global expertise, local knowledge

With operations in the UK, Europe, the USA and Asia, the company is expanding its client base beyond the health sector, enabling both public and private organisations to benefit from a safer working environment.

Our mission is to provide clean air for every space: from hospitals, dental practices, schools and gymnasia, to hospitality venues, hotels, restaurants and retail outlets.

To date, Rensair has delivered units to a total of 40 countries on 5 different continents.

"My work as an engineer has always involved clean air"



Clean air for every space

In the context of the Coronavirus pandemic, air purification has never been more important. We help get your organisation back on its feet, by destroying a minimum of 99.97% of airborne viruses and making it a safer environment – for employees and customers.

Beyond Covid, we remove airborne bacteria, allergens, mould, vehicle emission particulates and more.

Our mission is simple, to protect and enhance lives through clean air.

Like pure water from the tap, people now expect clean air in buildings and shared spaces.

More than an expectation, it’s a human right.


Our defining principles

We commit to excellence
We strive for quality in everything we do, from technological innovation to customer care. We aim for the highest standards in protecting health and enhancing wellbeing & productivity.

We act with integrity
We go above and beyond to solve air quality problems and serve the best interests of our customers. Our advice is genuine, transparent and always substantiated by independent validation.

We give back
We are a force for good, actively supporting charitable causes, disadvantaged groups, community programmes and sustainability initiatives. We look after our own people too.


Clean air protects and enhances life

Given what we now understand about Covid transmission, an increased focus on indoor air quality will not just hasten the end of this pandemic, but prevent future ones. It will also help to combat sick building syndrome, reduced productivity, and impaired learning in schools.

By sustaining 20% lower air pollution levels in the classroom, the development of a child’s working memory can improve by 6% (Philips Foundation and the University of Manchester).

In the USA, poor air quality results in $150 billion of illness-related costs per year. Of that, $93 billion represents lost productivity from headaches, fatigue, and irritation associated with sick building syndrome (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

After cleaning the indoor air, employers have seen workplace productivity increase by up to 11% (World Green Building Council).

A Harvard study showed that, with better air quality, cognitive scores were 61% higher across nine functional domains, including crisis response, strategy, and focused activity level.

Why indoor air quality matters?

People spend more than 90% of their time indoors.

Indoor air quality is 2 to 5x worse than outdoor quality.

Indoor air pollution is ranked as one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health.

50% of illnesses are caused by aggravated air pollution.

Source: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Environmental, Social and Governance

Doing the right thing

Clean air means quality of life

As advocates of indoor air quality, we also uphold quality of life. Nowadays, the focus is on coronavirus and airborne infection control, but there is a broader societal pollution problem. Nine out of ten people breathe air with pollutant levels that exceed the WHO’s guideline limits.

Supporting charities

One of Rensair’s core values is that we give back. We are a force for good, actively supporting charitable causes, disadvantaged groups, community programmes and sustainability initiatives.

Protecting the environment

At Rensair, we believe that we must earn our social licence to operate. As experts in clean air and indoor air quality, it follows that we feel strongly about air pollution. Within our own business, that demands practising what we preach.