Italian Red Cross gets a donation from Rensair to tackle pandemic

May 27, 2021 – <1 Min

The Italian Red Cross in Tuscany plays a vital role in caring for those most in need. Like many charitable organisations, their life-changing initiatives have been hampered by Covid-19, with the charity having to protect its own staff as well as the people it serves in the community.

Rensair, experts in clean air, played a small part in helping the helpers. After donating portable, medical-grade air purification equipment, it has been possible to recommence the safe operation of the Ponte de Egola office.

Paolo Micheli, General Director of the Red Cross’s Ponte de Egola office, said: “The Red Cross is all about alleviating human suffering and protecting life and health. Rensair shares our values, protecting lives and enhancing wellbeing through clean air. We are most grateful to Rensair for their invaluable assistance.”

Rensair celebrates its charity associations, click here to know more.

Rensair air purifier at Red Cross, Tuscany

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