Rensair Core

Recommended as effective and safe by the WHO, CDC, EPA and SAGE

Clears a 1600 ft³ / 45m³ room in 1.3 mins

360 air flow – place anywhere in a room

 Removes 99.97% of pollutants from indoor spaces.



Globally certified for:

Hospitals / Healthcare

 Real estate (commercial, home)


Introducing Rensair Core

Our award-winning Core air purifier is capable of cleaning up to 560m3/h / 330CFM of air*, using a combination of HEPA & VOC filtration and UVC light.

This portable air purifier draws in dirty air from above and around the circumference of the unit, sucking in at 360 degrees, which reduces the importance of where the unit is placed.

Out flowing clean air is distributed evenly at 360 degrees in a uniform, outward ‘radial jet’

motion that penetrates the entire room.
Toroidal air flow causes particle
precipitation in a room.

The efficiency of the Rensair Core air purifier is
independently validated by world renowned
scientific laboratories, removing risk as well as
cleaning polluted air.

*Depending on location, different power outputs will deliver different outputs, see your localised spec sheet for more details.

Spec Sheets & Download

Specifications for Core:

Specs UK/EU
Specs US
Instruction Manual UK/EU
Instruction Manual US

How Rensair Core works


The Rensair air purifier sucks in the surrounding air from the top inlet perforations. Air travels through the removable pre-filters placed at the top of the machine, which catch and trap larger airborne particles and dust.


A powerful fan pushes the pre-filtered air down into the cylindrical shaped H13 HEPA filter located in the middle of the unit. The fan creates high static air pressure in the cylinder, which is necessary to allow sufficient air to flow through the high quality H13 HEPA filter and to boost air cleaning capacity.


As air hits the H13 HEPA filter, bacteria, viruses and smaller airborne particles and pollutants become trapped on its inner surface and held in place. The upgraded chemically engineered carbon filter traps the dangerous gases.


Large volumes of clean air travel out of the unit via the lower perforations. The cylindrical shape of the Rensair air purifier allows air to flow out in every direction, enabling effective air circulation suitable for almost all locations.


Effective in removing a minimum of 99.97% of:

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We help organisations radically reduce energy consumption and save money across their real estate without ripping and replacing existing ventilation.



We improve indoor air quality in every classroom and lecture hall while bringing down energy costs – even in older buildings.




Our technology helps leading healthcare providers transform indoor air quality and improve patient safety by reducing airborne transmitted diseases.



Transport providers rely on Rensair to clean the air and make every journey healthier and happier for passengers and staff.

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