Saving Energy & Improving your Air Quality

Our energy efficient solutions improves your HVAC system and cuts costs

Our Internet of Things (IoT) system of air filtration devices and proprietary management software lets you tailor how you manage your HVAC system in real-time. We utilise smart sensors to access the air quality of different commercial spaces. Seek our energy-efficient solutions to improve your leaky HVAC’s system performance.

It’s a win-win for real estate owners and occupiers – a pragmatic, agile approach to addressing HVAC system shortcomings that helps you – and everyone in your existing spaces – breathe more easily. We transform traditional maintenance approaches by facilitating cutting-edge energy-saving solutions that offer real-time data and elevate customer service standards to ensure optimal performance and reliability in the building environment.

The problem with HVAC today:

Central HVAC

Mechanical ventilation (central HVAC system) is the largest energy consumption item in a typical office building

Physical parameters

Energy consumption is unnecessarily high due to the large volume of outside air that needs temperature and humidity conditioning when entering a building. Using traditional HVAC, this is very expensive and difficult to optimise

Traditional ventilation

Traditional ventilation simply seeks to dilute indoor air pollutants with outside air. This is energy intensive and often ineffective – according to the US EPA, Indoor air quality is on average 2-5x worse than outside air quality


Regulations, for instance EPC ratings and Local Law 97, as well as Net Zero ambitions means that doing nothing is not an option – however incumbent solutions are too expensive and slow to implement

Our Energy Saving Solution solves each of these challenges, and we can prove

We retrofit HVAC systems without the complexities of in-duct work, or the cost of rip and replace. Our engineering team analyses buildings for optimal ventilation, implements standalone filtration devices throughout and adjusts the central HVAC system accordingly, unlocking significant energy efficiencies. All is monitored and managed via our software platform, Rensair Cloud®

SDCV: Smart Demand Controlled Ventilation

Rensair delivers SDCV for organisations to transform their HVAC.

9x less energy consumed per m3 of air through a traditional HVAC system

  • Rensair Energy Consumption: 0.6 Watts per m3
  • Typical Ventilation System: 5.5 Watts per m3

Reducing outside air intake, substituting with air purification:

  • SDCV optimizes the ventilation mix in a building by part substituting the mechanical ventilation with a more cost-effective air purification.
  • The total air volume remains unchanged, but energy consumption and carbon emissions are substantially lowered.

IAQ – Improving your Indoor Air Quality

Rensair has delivered best in class technology & energy saving solutions for decades. Here’s how our experience shapes our patented, award-winning hardware:


Dirty air enters the top of the device from 360 degrees


Driven by a powerful centrifugal fan, dirty air passes through pre-filters before being forced into the HEPA filter for purification


Our combination of filters and a UVC lamp traps particles, pathogens and gases


Clean air leaves the device at 360 degrees

Tried, tested, patented technology, certified globally

Our patented air flow design combines HEPA H13 filtration, UVC light and gas removal.

The efficacy of Rensair’s patented technology is documented by leading independent scientific laboratories, including Eurofins, Norconsult, Oslo University Hospital, and the Danish Technological Institute.

Our technology has been adopted by hospitals, doctors surgeries and dental practices, and care homes worldwide, including many NHS trusts in the UK.

Rensair meets all of the air purification standards recommended by the UK SAGE committee and US EPA, and ASHRAE, and was included in Newsweek’s list of Best Infection Prevention Products 2021.

Product compliance certifications

Tailored, easy implementation, immediate ROI

Rensair’s engineers will assess your building’s, size, existing HVAC system, occupancy and operational (thermal) efficiency and offer energy management solutions.

Map and plot your building’s device requirement and deliver a  forecast of efficiency savings

Implement our IoT enabled devices in your building and enable Rensair Cloud®

Start saving on your energy bills and increase net operating income with cleaner air, and lower carbon emissions within 12 weeks

Our Service areas



We help organisations radically reduce energy consumption and save money across their real estate without ripping and replacing existing ventilation.



We improve indoor air quality in every classroom and lecture hall while bringing down energy costs – even in older buildings.




Our technology helps leading healthcare providers transform indoor air quality and improve patient safety by reducing airborne transmitted diseases.



Transport providers rely on Rensair to clean the air and make every journey healthier and happier for passengers and staff.

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