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May 12, 2020 – 3 Min

Barber orders the same clean air as found in Scandinavian hospitals to protect his customers

July 2020

Top London barbers Huckle the Barber has become the first UK barber to order Rensair hospital-grade air purifiers to keep the air clean in his shops of viruses and germs, including coronavirus aerosols, creating a safer environment when he reopens.

The Danish invented, portable air purifier which has been used in Scandinavian hospitals and care homes over the past 20 years is able to clean the air of coronavirus, and is finding a new market in the post Covid UK. So far units have been purchased by a restaurant chain, a chain of hair dressing salons, a call center office, local pubs, dentists and a gallery. Discussions are ongoing with companies in a broad range of sectors including a global shared office space supplier, a gym chain, nursing homes and another major restaurant chain to fit out a substantial range of restaurants.

Chris Ward owner of Huckle the Barber says:
“When I read about the Rensair system I knew that it would be a major benefit to my staff and customers’ safety. The system has been in use in Scandinavia for over a decade, and it’s tried and tested. I can now reopen knowing that the air in my barbers’ shops has been cleaned and that we are doing everything we can to keep Covid off the premises. As long as we adhere to the rules and regulations, we can reopen safely.” 

He adds, “Even in the post Covid world, when we move back to a more normal environment, the purification unit will be useful to ensure our staff don’t suffer adverse effects from the London pollution, germs, allergens and smells. Rensair will help with that.”

Huckle the barber orders hospital grade air purification

The Rensair portable air purifier has been tested by leading laboratories in the field including the Oslo University Hospital and the independent Eurofins and Norconsult consultancies. It is scientifically proven to kill airborne bacteria and viruses including coronavirus by more than 99.97%. It further removes dust, pollen, allergens, mold spores, yeast and odors such as tobacco scents to the same effectiveness.

The unit was invented over 20 years ago by the Danish engineer and inventor Henrik Hendriksen after his son Christian developed serious problems with allergies. The unit worked wonders for Christian, and now he and his twin brother Frederik are at the helm of the company to make it accessible for businesses across the UK and globally. Previously the brothers had forged hugely successful careers in investment banking and scaling start-ups internationally.

Christian says that the feedback from customers has been overwhelming,
“The current situation challenges businesses in unprecedented ways. Besides following government guidelines, what measures can they take to bring their employees or customers back with peace of mind? Rensair is an effective, quick-to-implement and tangible response that brings hospital-grade air purification technology to a normal business that would otherwise not have access to clean air of that standard. The Rensair air purifier is built to Scandinavian hospitals and fulfills the strict requirements in such an environment. We know it works well, as the patented technology has been tested by world leading laboratories including Eurofins, Norconsult and Oslo University Hospital.” Christian continued that the company is already receiving enquiries from a range of other organisations such as dental practices, gyms, office spaces, public institutions, GPs and nursing homes.

“Performing dental work generates an increased amount of aerosols, so a number of dental practices have been in touch to ensure that they can give every new patient clean air. In a typical dental surgery Rensiar would clean all the air every 4 minutes. Clean air is known to bring down sick-days and be beneficial to children’s learning, which is why it is included in The Mayor’s School Air Quality Audit Programme (Mayor of London, 2018). Rensair is already helping get clean air inside schools, nurseries or other institutions. Of course, we’ve been working with hospitals and care homes in Denmark for over a decade, and the technology is proven to help hospital wards reduce airborne disease spread among patients. Rensair is also an effective solution for waiting rooms and common spaces to reduce the risk for the already vulnerable.”

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