Rensair controls air particulate traffic in flight simulator

July 20, 2021 – 2 Min

Rensair has equipped SOLID’AIR SIM’s A320 flight simulator with an air purifier, enabling out-of-work pilots to stay safe while retaining the core skills to secure re-employment.  Based in the Villepinte district of Paris, near Charles de Gaulle airport, SOLID’AIR SIM provides a self-service, low fare flight simulation service.

The coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on the airline industry, with international travel severely curtailed. As a result, it is estimated that a quarter of the world’s 300,000 airline pilots are out of work.  When pilots are inactive for sustained periods, their skills and proficiency deteriorate. Regular flight simulation training is critical, not only to pass the annual exam to retain their professional flying licences, but also to succeed in the airline recruitment process. 

However, pilots must bear the cost themselves. Certified flight simulator sessions are notoriously expensive, while theme park and PC game versions lack realism. SOLID’AIR SIM opened its doors in July 2021, offering pilots an opportunity to maintain their operational skills in a high-performance fixed flight simulator, for a fraction of the cost of a certified simulator. Customers are mainly underutilised AIRBUS A320 pilots.

To enable continuous operation of the simulator during the health crisis, customers have to be protected against Covid-19. Rensair’s portable, hospital-grade air purifier was specified to perform that function. 

“It’s a turbulent period for pilots”, says Marc Junes, Founder and Managing Director of SOLID’AIR SIM. “Our job is to help them maintain their critical skills, but we must also protect the pilots while they are training, which is why effective air purification is so important. The Rensair unit is perfect for the job. It’s small in size, ideal for a confined space, but big in capability, with an effective airflow and the technology to trap and kill dangerous particles.”

The SOLID’AIR SIM flight simulator has all the functionality required for professional use, including realistic sidesticks, synchronized rudders, and engine fire operating protocols. It also offers professional coaching and full briefing and debriefing to maximise the value of time spent in the simulator.

“Our customers have been amazed at the level of realism our flight simulator offers”, adds Marc. “They also appreciate the fact that, as well as looking after their careers, we are deploying an advanced, independently validated clean air solution to look after their health and wellbeing.”

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