Rensair lands lead role in feature film production

July 25, 2022 – <1 Min

Orchid Productions, operating on behalf of Netflix to make the feature film ‘Damsel’, has utilised Rensair air purifiers to adhere to a demanding production schedule.

Preparation began in September 2021, when Covid levels were on the increase again after a summer lull.

“The film industry has always been safety conscious, because business continuity is the number one priority,” said Samantha Gruskin, Covid H&S Manager for Orchid Productions.

“We rely on people being in a certain place at a certain time every day and the cost of rescheduling is prohibitive. We’re a dynamic workplace that brings a lot of people together, so properly managing Covid risk is paramount to both the health of the film and of our employees.”

Before selecting Rensair, Samantha conducted extensive research to find a heavy duty solution that could serve as the best possible substitute for in-built HVAC.

HEPA was a baseline requirement, while Rensair’s UVC feature was an extra bonus, inactivating live virus particles after entrapment. Airflow efficiency and clean air delivery rate – backed by reputable certification – were also critical requirements, with a typical day seeing 300-350 people on site.

“The easy portability of the Rensair Core unit has been a godsend”, said Samantha. “We were operating in confined spaces, with fluctuating occupancies and it soon became second nature to wheel the Rensair units around to where they were needed most.”

“The crew would refer to them as our fleet of R2D2s and they had a reassuring influence on everyone. Rensair wins my vote for Best Supporting Actor, quietly getting on with the job in hand. No fuss, no maintenance, just flawless performance.”

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