Transform your Indoor Air Quality Management with Rensair Cloud

October 31, 2023 – 2 Min


Imagine effortlessly monitoring and enhancing your indoor air quality from anywhere, at any time. Rensair Cloud is an advanced Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management platform that leverages Internet of Things (IoT) technology to enhance control over indoor air quality. It allows one to seamlessly monitor and manage air purifiers from any device, utilising real-time data and offline buffering, enabling facility and building managers to make informed decisions about indoor air quality and ventilation energy management.

Rensair’s Smart Demand Controlled Ventilation (SDCV) uses Rensair Cloud for monitoring its world class, patented air purification technology. The inbuilt sensors in the air purifiers send real time IAQ data to Rensair Cloud using LTE cellular connection. Rensair Cloud has successfully demonstrated within many SDCV implementations in corporates and universities, its ability to make the ventilation systems energy efficient, by optimising ventilation and hence contributing to driving building decarbonisation.

Why Rensair Cloud ?

A comprehensive overview

Dashboard highlighting various Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) parameters measured by inbuilt sensors within the IoT air purification devices. A good IAQ environment brings: a healthy workspace, improved well-being and increased productivity.

General dashboard - IOT Platform

Everything on the cloud

Manage your air purification units from anywhere and at any time as long as you have internet access. This ensures: flexibility, compatibility and easy access.

Rensair Cloud - comprehensive overview

Digital twin

A digital twin virtually represents a device’s status and configuration as well as the quality of surrounding air. This feature allows for effective: troubleshooting, running remote diagnostics, monitoring individual performances.

Rensair Cloud digital twin

Layered user structure

Employ a hierarchical user structure in the IoT platform to grant granular access-levels and set user specific permissions.

Rensair Cloud hierarchical user structure

Real-time data – Offline buffering

Gather real-time data from a fleet of air purifier devices. During downtime, the readings are buffered and data is transmitted once the device is online preventing any data loss.

Rensair Cloud gather real time data

Enhanced security

GSM-based connectivity to transfer data to the cloud: ensures enhanced security by reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

Rensair Cloud GSM connectivity

Scheduling and automation

Set schedules and automate repetitive tasks to pre-empt and customise the air purifier’s behaviour to adapt to specific air quality needs.

Rensair Cloud Automation

Rules, alarms & notifications

Safeguard the health and well-being of occupants by addressing issues promptly by setting up rules that triggers reaction with any change in environmental conditions.

Fleet management

Group your devices according to locations, building or even floors to bulk-monitor and improve operational efficiency.

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