Improved HVAC for Commercial buildings

Our indoor air quality is 
2 – 5 times worse than the air outside, this is a serious problem.

HVAC systems are often old, poorly maintained and expensive to replace. They’re unfit for tightening environmental regulations, corporate ESG and Net Zero commitments, and budget pressures around energy use. But opting to “rip and replace” them is costly, damaging, and disruptive.

We cannot build our way to net zero.

While new building techniques and outstanding architecture that allows for better energy use exists today, that doesn’t mean simply knocking down everything and starting again to get there. We must make HVAC for commercial buildings more effective in the face of climate catastrophe, welcoming a new era of carbon efficiency, cost savings, and pure indoor air.

That’s why Rensair is hacking HVAC.

For decades, we’ve delivered clean air with best-in-class air filtration tech, and today we’re pushing it to the next level.


Hacking antiquated HVAC systems with a powerful air quality ecosystem that keeps indoor air clean and safe


Hacking down carbon emissions by integrating our cloud-connected tech with existing mechanical ventilation to reduce energy consumption


Hacking down expenditure for real estate owners by optimising ventilation according to occupancy, cutting energy use and spend without no need to rip and replace entire systems

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