Il ristorante brasiliano sceglie il gold standard nella purificazione dell'aria

Giugno 30, 2021 – <1 Min

Capim Dourado, a Brazilian restaurant located in Porto, Portugal, takes its name from the golden grass that is typical of the Jalapão region and from which jewellery and other handicrafts are made. The restaurant’s inspired cuisine uses the finest ingredients, woven together in a fusion of seasonal dishes that takes the customer on an authentic trip to Brazil.

Now gathering momentum after the Coronavirus lockdown, owner and chef João Winck wanted to safeguard his employees and guests by purifying the air on his premises. João explains: “In keeping with our theme, we chose Rensair as the gold standard, because of its effective combination of HEPA filtration and UVC light that doesn’t just trap viruses and bacteria, but destroys them. The independent validations were important for us, as we can’t take risks with the health of anyone working in or visiting our restaurant.”

Capim Dourado, Portugal

Business is now improving in Porto, especially with tourists being permitted to come again. The restaurant received British visitors during the all-English Champions League final and, now that several  countries have put Portugal on their green list, more holidaymakers are expected. To date, Capim Dourado’s customers have been curious about the Rensair air purifier and feel reassured when its purpose is explained.

João adds: “The Rensair unit is a gem, quietly doing its job in the centre of the restaurant and keeping us all safe. The Rensair team has kindly offered us some marketing material so that we can promote our air purity to attract guests. Many people want to go out to dinner but are naturally still anxious about Covid transmission.”

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