How a Danish Engineer Created Rensair

March 9, 2021 – <1 Min

Early in his career, Henrik Hendriksen, a Danish engineer and inventor, created air ventilation technology solutions for the welding industry that went on to become the mandated government standard in Scandinavia and throughout multiple European-wide directives. The Norwegian Minister of Health challenged Henrik and his team to develop a new ventilation technology that would half the industry threshold. They did so with success, and as a result re-defined the industry expectations and requirements.

This achievement and expertise led him to be appointed representative of Norway at the European industry association EUROVENT for 5 years (the equivalent of ASHRAY in the USA and HEVAC in the UK).

Later made Chairman of the Board of Vestas Aircold and hired by BMW as its expert adviser on the subject, Henrik was involved in designing the ventilation systems for its German factory and for a variety of other industrial applications before happily retiring to raise his family.

When his son Christian developed severe allergies as a child, Henrik put his experience to the test. Significant investment went into product development and testing, and what started out as a quest to help his son, ended up developing into a medical-grade patented solution sold to hospitals, institutions and care homes across Scandinavia. Henrik had carefully combined hospital-grade equipment and the most advanced technology in a portable design. And with that, the Rensair technology was born.

Henrik explains that his invention is “a clean investment in health and care with UVC & HEPA13 filters, no biological air pollution, less risk for infections and spread of diseases, better indoor climate, and the highest product quality.” Not to mention, he is thrilled that he was able to help his son with his allergies so that he could grow up to be the healthy entrepreneur that he is today.

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