Rensair joins the team of experts at Westbourne Medical Studios

November 23, 2021 – 2 Min

Based in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland, Westbourne Medical Studios is a private GP clinic focused on integrative medicine. The clinic – featured in Tatler’s UK Top 20 private GPs – adopts a 360o approach to patient care that is designed for optimal health, empowering patients to thrive in mind, body and soul.

Westbourne invested in Rensair air purification units to protect staff and patients from Covid-19, but also for the wider benefits of clean air for physical and mental health. The units are placed in each consulting room and massage area, supplementing the building’s mechanical and natural ventilation. Portability enables them to be moved to where they are needed most, a distinct advantage for a multifaceted practice offering both individual consultations and group therapy.

“The fact that Rensair was invented for Scandinavian hospitals and is used by the NHS gave us confidence”, says Dr Veronica A McBurnie, Founder & Clinical Director at Westbourne Medical Studios. “But we were also aware of Rensair being used in care homes, yoga studios and gyms, where the advantage of portability was evident.”

As a passionate musician, Dr. Veronica has a particular interest in the voice and the power of correct breathing techniques.  One to one coaching and group classes are available to improve mind-body connection and deliver oxygen to every part of the body, thereby promoting healing and wellbeing of each and every cell.

“The lungs are responsible for eliminating around 70% of all body waste on a daily basis”, says Dr Veronica. “Reducing the amount of toxins circulating in the body has a profound effect on all aspects of health, both physically and mentally.”

“A Rensair unit is present in every class here at Westbourne. I have always been a firm believer in the power of breath and the need for clean air, not just to protect health but to nurture wellbeing. Since the global pandemic began, this need has become paramount and we are delighted with our units placed throughout the studios.”

When assessing the market for air purifiers, Rensair’s unique combination of HEPA filtration and UVC light stood out as it brought together the key subtractive air purification technologies recommended by the UK SAGE committee.

“Apart from protecting and reassuring patients, we did not want to put any of our staff at risk,” emphasises Dr Veronica. “While the HEPA technology and air circulation succeed in trapping virtually 100% of pathogens, the UVC ensures that anyone replacing the filter will not come into contact with hazardous live pathogens. At Westbourne Medical Studios, we have a team of health experts second to none, so Rensair fits right in.”

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