Rensair protects patients in rheumatology practice

March 2, 2022 – 2 Min

Dr. Christoph Czerwenka, a well-known rheumatologist from Salzburg, Austria, has chosen Rensair air purifiers for his practice specialising in rheumatological autoimmune diseases and internal diseases. The Rensair devices protect patients and staff in the waiting room, as well as in the consultation and ultrasound rooms.

Protecting our patients from infection has always been important, but especially so in the COVID era,” said Dr. Czerwenka. “Many of my patients are particularly susceptible to infections due to autoimmune diseases, immunosuppressive therapy, a lack of vaccination or for reasons of age. All of this makes clean air an important part of patient care for me.

Dr. Czerwenka initially looked at air purifiers in a price range between €500 and €1000, but quickly realised that they were not up to the task. That’s why he turned his attention to hospital-grade devices, backed by independent testing by reputable laboratories to provide unequivocal proof of effectiveness – as recommended by leading health authorities.

For me, UVC light for inactivating the virus was the decisive advantage,” explains Dr. Czerwenka. “Rensair’s unique combination of HEPA filtration to capture viral particles and UVC light to inactivate them was the ideal solution. Powerful airflow was also vital. The Rensair unit’s 360 degree air inlet and outlet coupled with a powerful centrifugal fan was a key differentiator in terms of efficient air distribution, regardless of the placement of the Rensair in my waiting room.

HEPA filtration captures at least 99.97% of fine dust particles and laboratory tests indicate an even higher capture rate for COVID-19 virus particles. In a test to determine Rensair’s performance in reducing airborne COVID-19 particles, the Danish Technological Institute recorded a particle reduction rate of 99.98% in 15 minutes and over 99.99% in 30 minutes. In addition, the test showed 100% elimination of virus particles on the filter, with no traces detected.

Maintenance and costs were also important factors considered by Dr. Czerwenka: “In addition to ensuring that no infectious virus particles can remain in the practice, the UVC light also means that maintenance does not require protective clothing or specialists. This minimises the running costs, as the filter and lamp only have to be changed after 9,000 hours of use. In addition, due to the performance of the device, operation in the lowest power setting is possible, which significantly reduces energy costs and volume compared to other devices.”

With the Rensair devices, Dr. Czerwenka found that patients and staff feel much safer. A sign placed on the Rensair unit explains its purpose and the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

Rensair technology is quiet, even though it can clean 330 cubic metres of air per hour at low power levels,” summarises Dr. Czerwenka. “Efficient air purification with minimal maintenance is a must for every medical practice!

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