Rensair launches a smarter solution for indoor air pollution

September 21, 2022 – 2 Min

Indoor Air Quality specialist Rensair has launched an affordable, WiFi connected air purifier for smaller indoor spaces. Lightweight (21lbs) with heavyweight performance (clean air delivery rate of 270CFM), the Compact is ideal for SMEs, conference rooms, doctor & dental surgeries, classrooms and homes.

Leveraging Rensair’s proven, hospital-grade technology, the Compact combines HEPA filtration with germicidal UVC light in a smaller, quieter package. It is highly effective in removing a minimum of 99.97%+ of pathogens and other forms of airborne particulate matter, including bacteria, pollen, dust and mold. Five airflow speeds offer maximum flexibility, while 360 degree outflow ensures that clean air penetrates the entire room no matter where the unit is placed.

Compact is our light heavyweight champion”, said Frederik Hendriksen, Co-founder & US CEO at Rensair. “It’s robust and packs a punch, with clean air delivery that belies its size. It’s also nimble and stealthy, easily maneuverable and operating at just 32dBA on the lowest setting. Future IoT upgrades will add agility, making it an even more powerful contender in the competitive air purifier market.

Using a smart app, multiple Compact devices can be programmed to automatically adjust the fan setting according to prevailing particle concentrations, switch to the maximum setting between scheduled meetings, or start/stop working based on location and time. Real-time alerts can be set to manage maintenance schedules and to reset the filter monitor after the filter has been replaced.

The air purification market is unregulated and, as a result, is rife with performance overclaims”, said Matthew Johnson, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen and Chief Scientific Advisor at Rensair. “That’s why it’s important to have independent certification.The Danish Technological Institute’s tests on Compact resulted in 99.99% of particles removed from a 700ft 3 room within 30 minutes”.

Rensair’s range of air purifiers now extends from the mighty Max, a bespoke industrial unit capable of 590CFM, to the miniature AirBubbl for vehicle occupants and personal spaces. Having completed a $7m Series A financing round in May, the company is intent on establishing clean air as a human right, protecting and enhancing lives through proven clean air technology. Key markets include offices, healthcare, nursing homes, schools and transport.

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