Rensair solves mold problem for Skechers

November 22, 2022 – 2 Min

Sarah Feetham, Senior Retail Facilities Coordinator (UK & Europe), Skechers: “I would certainly recommend Rensair to anyone suffering with mold and damp, their service is exceptional.”

Rensair was contacted by one of the London outlets of Skechers, the American multinational footwear company. The store manager was concerned about mold in the basement that seemed damp, which could raise health and safety issues for staff and potentially damage stock. 

Airborne mold spores are tiny structures produced by mold for the purpose of reproduction. The spores are invisible to the human eye. Indeed, a cubic metre of an indoor space with mold can contain millions of airborne spores. 

Many people are allergic to mold spores, which if inhaled can cause sneezing, itchy eyes, and even serious conditions like sinus and lung inflammation. Apart from being allergenic, airborne mold contains toxic elements referred to as mycotoxins, and breathing in mycotoxins in large concentrations can be deadly to the victim.  

Sarah Feetham, Senior Retail Facilities Coordinator (UK & Europe), confirmed that the stockroom had issues with damp and moud. She said that, “We had tried dehumidifiers to no avail and so we decided to look into air purifiers.”

HEPA filters are very effective at trapping and removing airborne mold, but a normal HEPA air purifier will simply transfer the problem to the unit, as the trapped moud will continue to grow on the HEPA filter, which can potentially be released back into the air and cause more airborne moud. However, Rensair technology is proven by independent scientific tests to not only trap and remove such spores from the air, but a Rensair air purifier also effectively kills the moud that is trapped on the filter. 

Sarah called Rensair, who immediately offered advice to deal with the issue. She added, “Rensair was amazing. They went to survey the store within a couple of days of contacting them and recommended how many units we needed. The units were also installed quickly, and the store staff noticed an immediate difference in the air quality and the smell almost vanished.”

Skechers have used the same Rensair solution in other stores suffering from dampness.

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