Wren Hall care home assigns Rensair as first line of defence

Ottobre 7, 2021 – 2 Min

Wren Hall is a specialist dementia care nursing home in Selston, Nottinghamshire. With a Care Quality Commission (CQC) rating of ‘Outstanding’ across all categories, its 138 qualified staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality of nursing care.

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic was savage, with 23 residents tragically losing their lives in 2020. In interviews with the press, Wren Hall’s management described the situation as ‘fighting a losing battle’ and said that staff were heartbroken and helpless. In the absence of clear government guidance on infection control measures beyond basic PPE, they undertook their own research before implementing measures to help contain the virus.

“The situation was far from clear, but in November 2020 the World Health Organization declared that the chief risk of Covid transmission came from inhaling aerosols rather than touching surfaces”, says Anita Astle MBE, Managing Director of Wren Hall and member of the Board of Directors at the National Care Association. “That ruled out fogging machines, which aim to clean surfaces, and we turned our attention to HEPA-based purifiers which effectively clean the air.”

After seeing Rensair used in another care home in the Nottinghamshire area, Anita sought advice and ordered several units for the communal areas within the older part of the building, which was not equipped with a modern HVAC system. 

“Our family members understandably complain about cold drafts, so ventilation is a real challenge”, says Anita. “ By purifying the air instead of bringing in outdoor air, we are able to help prevent viral transmission, keep everyone warm and save on energy costs for heating. It’s a complete solution and we can all detect a difference in the freshness of the air.”

Key to Wren Hall’s decision was the strong airflow provided by the Rensair unit, with each one capable of cleaning 560m3 of air per hour. Furthermore, the unique, patented technology was important, ensuring that the airflow and HEPA filter configuration holds virus particles in place so that they are systematically eradicated by germicidal UVC light, rendering the filters safe for maintenance.   

“Wren Hall is now Covid-free, but we must take every precaution”, warns Anita. “New vaccine-resistant variants could potentially emerge and we will do everything in our power to protect those in our care and avoid further outbreaks. We certainly feel safer with our Rensair units as the first line of defence.”

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