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Luglio 19, 2021 – 4 Min

Nell'aria stanotte

There’s something in the air tonight. Oh Lord. If we could actually see what we were breathing, many of us would never venture out again. … more
Aprile 13, 2021 – 3 Min

Rensair Air Purification è la scelta scientifica per la Lytchett Minster School

Lytchett Minster School is a popular secondary school with a thriving Sixth Form. Here 100 teachers and 1500 students, ages 11 to 18, enjoy the Dorset countryside while studying the national curriculum plus art, drama, music and technology. “They built … more
Novembre 19, 2020 – 2 Min

Il cinema del principe Carlo dichiara che le cose stanno andando bene con Rensair

As you might expect, Greg Lynn of Prince Charles Cinema says the global pandemic has been tough for his industry. “It’s been a very trying time for us,” he says.  Greg, who has overseen the running and the … more
Novembre 7, 2020 – 4 Min

La richiesta di purificazione dell'aria poiché il rischio di diffusione aerea di Covid19 è riconosciuto dall'OMS

—————————— Update November 17th 2020: the UK Government follows suit Rensair recently highlighted the changing landscape in air purification, as the WHO released a 5 minute video (WHO) recommending good room ventilation, or, where that was not possible,& … more
Ottobre 4, 2020 – 2 Min

TRAINFITNESS riapre con successo con il purificatore d'aria Rensair di livello ospedaliero

Steel Williams, the co-founder and director of TRAINFITNESS, a leading training provider in the health, wellness and fitness sector, knew reopening during the time of COVID meant addressing an abundance of trepidation. “It was interesting when we reopened,” he says. … more


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