Rensair supports Clean Air Day with free indoor air quality consultations

June 17, 2021 – <1 Min

June 17 is Clean Air Day. Run by Global Action Plan, it’s the UK’s largest air pollution campaign. Every year, air pollution causes up to 36,000 deaths in the UK.  The World Health Organisation and the UK Government now recognise it as the largest environmental health risk we face today. 

The main focus of Clean Air Day is to protect our children’s health. Poor air quality causes heart and lung diseases, is linked to low birth weight and children’s lung development and may even contribute to mental health issues.

Rensair with #CleanAirDay

To support the cause, Rensair is offering schools free consultations on indoor air quality. The aim is to help protect children’s health in environments where they spend much of their formative years. 

As part of our free consultation, we take into account school floor plans, existing ventilation systems and occupancy rates. We then recommend tailor-made solutions based on our portable, modular, hospital-grade air purifier. Clean air can reduce indoor pollutants, help prevent the spread of disease (including Coronavirus), reduce sickness-related absenteeism, and boost concentration and learning.  

Our no-obligation advice is based on verifiable data, research and experience, which is made freely available to ensure that any decisions affecting children’s health & wellbeing are well informed. 

Schools that have benefited from Rensair air purification include Kings College School in Wimbledon (see video) and Lytchett Minster School in Dorset.

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