Rensair serves the Safest Restaurant in America

November 22, 2021 – 2 Min

Beach Bistro, a fine dining restaurant on Anna Maria Island, Florida, is fast making a name for itself. Not for serving the best food in America, for which it is already renowned and has a 4.9 Zagat rating, but for being the safest place to enjoy it. 

Owner Sean Murphy recognised in the early stages of the pandemic that it was all about air quality. He called his cousin, an anaesthesiologist, to ask for advice on how hospitals create sterile environments and was introduced to Rensair. As a result, Beach Bistro was the first establishment in the country to acquire hospital-grade air purification units using a combination of HEPA filtration and germicidal UVC light to trap and kill coronavirus. 

“Our goal is to be the safest restaurant in America,” says Sean. “Beach Bistro’s focus from inception was perfection. If you pursue perfection you will achieve a high degree of excellence a good part of the time. That is why we have chosen the top grade in air purification, proven in hospital settings and backed by independent testing. We have one unit at Beach Bistro and another at our Doctor’s Office cocktail bar.” 

In addition to the portable Rensair units, Sean upgraded the restaurant’s integrated ventilation system using advanced HEPA filtration technology. One of the key aims was to ramp up the air change rate so that all the air in the restaurant is replaced every three to four minutes. He also insists on vaccinations as a prerequisite to booking a table. 

“The idea is to take no chances”, explains Sean. “Our customers appreciate it and, above all, they like the visibility of the Rensair unit. When a vulnerable customer is particularly anxious about the virus, I simply wheel the Rensair unit over so that it’s near them. That provides reassurance and allows them to relax and enjoy our award-winning food.” 

“We make a show of it to engage diners in our ‘safety first’ policy. The product was invented in Denmark and developed in tandem with Scandinavian hospitals, so we call it ‘Eric the fearless, the covid eater’ and it sports a viking helmet. Eric is a mean dude, clubbing and killing 99.99% of coronavirus particles, whether in aerosol or droplet form, to prevent transmission. Our customers are impressed with Eric’s brawn and delighted that he’s on their side.”  

Sean Murphy, Owner, Beach Bistro, Anna Maria, Florida

Diners are deeply appreciative of all Bistro’s safety measures and their ‘trust’ vaccination-only policy is meeting with overwhelming success. 

Eric the Fearless Viking Rensair Warrior’ stands prominently in the room as testament to all that Sean and his team have done to earn kudos as ‘The Safest Restaurant in America’.

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