Popular London Barber uses Rensair air purifier

Chris Ward owner of Huckle the Barber using Rensair air purifier
Chris Ward owner of Huckle

Chris Ward, founder of Huckle the Barber shops in London, had to close his shops when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. “Since 2012 our focus was to provide a friendly, relaxed space where Huckle’s clients could get tailored haircuts from the most experienced barbers in London,” he says. From the public’s response, his no nonsense, no pretense approach was working. 

Yet to reopen, he knew it was also critical to also offer men a safe environment. His clients would now want not only clean hair, but clean air too. Ward invested in making the shops as safe as possible for their staff and customers. “One major change we made was to introduce hospital-grade air purifiers in both shops,” says Ward. “When I read about the Rensair portable air purifier system I knew that it would be a major benefit to my staff and customers’ safety.” 

Rensair air purifiers have been in used in Scandinavian hospitals for over a decade. Plus leading laboratories, including the Oslo University Hospital and the independent Eurofins and Norconsult consultancies, have tested the system. “Science has proved that Rensair air purifiers eradicate more than 99.97% of airborne viruses, including coronavirus,” he says. This patented solution uses the most advanced purification technology, including HEPA13 filters and UVC light.

Popular London Barber Huckle the Barver uses Rensair hospital-grade air purifier
Huckle the Barber on Lambs Conduit St in Holborn

“I can now reopen knowing that the air in my barbers’ shops is clean and that we are doing everything we can to keep the coronavirus off the premises,” says Ward. The shops are also taking other precautions including masks, shop reconfigurations, screens and hand sanitizers. “As long as we adhere to the rules and regulations, we can reopen safely.”

Rensair hospital-grade air purifier in a barber with person

Ward, who is happy and relieved to reopen his smart cut and shave barbershops, says some insights he’s discovered during the pandemic will become part of the norm. 

“Even in the post-COVID world, when we move back to a more normal environment, the purification unit will be useful to ensure our staff don’t suffer adverse effects from the London pollution, germs, allergens and smells. Rensair will help with all of that.”

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