Deganwy Dental Practice Safely Treats Patients With Rensair Air Purification

November 19, 2020 – 2 Min

Dental practices, by design, require staff to be experts in infection control. Dentists wear masks and gloves and there is routine sterilization of equipment. Yet, despite this care and attention, dental offices in the United Kingdom, and elsewhere, experienced three months of total lockdown when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  

Erik Lof, owner and principal dentist of Deganwy Dental Practice in Wales, was at a loss to treat his patients. “We were doing all we could to help,” says Erik. “We took phone calls and offered medical advice and sometimes even prepared do-it-yourself temporary filling kits for our patients.”

Erik uses the Rensair air purifiers between patients to reduce fallow time to 15 minutes

The problem is certain dental procedures, for example, the use of the high-speed dental drill, cause aerosol dispersal. As recently recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), airborne aerosol particles are smaller, lighter and can linger in the air, particularly indoors, causing potential transmission of the coronavirus. 

Erik knew it was important that he purify the air in his three surgeries to eliminate potential viral contamination. This led him to Rensair. 

Erik explains that the Rensair air purifiers exchange the air in his space 13 times per hour and eliminates all potential viruses and bacteria in the surgeries.

When patients ask, Erik is quick to explain that the machine is catching and killing viruses and bacteria in the air. “It impresses patients, and it makes them feel safe,” he says. “Plus, Rensair is so easy to use and it looks good too.”

Rensair has also helped Erik see and help more patients. The time the staff had to allow between patients, also referred to as ‘fallow time’, was a burden. “We had to allow a full hour for the air to settle before we could reenter the room to disinfect,” says Erik. “Rensair saves us a lot of time. We can now have a room ready in 15 minutes.” 

Even if he didn’t have to address COVID-19 concerns, Erik says Rensair would be a positive addition to his practice. “The Rensair air purification system is good equipment to have,” he says. 

Each surgery is now equipped with a Rensair air purifier to keep employees and customers safe

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