Rensair Helps Global Telemetrics Serve Their Clients Without Interruption

April 6, 2021 – 2 Min

When two global, high-tech companies decide to work together, the union sizzles with success. Such is the case with Rensair, a patented, advanced technology air purification system using H13 HEPA filters and UVC light which captures and kills pathogens including the coronavirus, and Global Telemetrics, a vehicle security monitoring platform behind award-winning stolen vehicle security brands that uses innovative technology.

No down time needed 

This high-tech company offers a number of different security areas including vehicle surveillance, tracking and immobilisation platforms adding increased opportunity to car dealers, finance companies, Insurance and potential car owners.

The nature of the work at Global Telemetrics Secure Control Centers requires employees to work in shared spaces. Personal protective equipment was in place. But Andy Newman, sales director at Global Telemetrics, knew he needed to address air quality to keep the working environment safe. He also knew he had to assure his clients that there would be no service interruption. 

“We contacted three different companies with three slightly unique solutions, yet they all offered the same result,” says Newman. As a business executive, the choice was simple. “We run multiple 24/7 Secure Control Centers and we cannot afford to have staff downtime or to close our premises because of annoying installation work.” Air purification using Rensair was effortless. “Literally plug the unit in and turn it on, it was as easy as that,” says Newman.

He also appreciated the purchasing flexibility that Rensair offered. “We tried two units, which made an instant impact, and then added five more,” he says.

Trust, affordability, and portability

As a Control Centre, Global Telemetrics takes pride in answering calls and emails quickly and efficiently. Newman says Rensair provided the same high level of professional customer service, which further qualified Rensair as a trusted brand.

Newman says there were other factors that tipped the scales in Rensair’s favor. “Intuitive videos, instructions on how the system works, and a quotation which knocked the socks off the competitors, won our confidence,” he says.

The Rensair units were also sturdy and fit nicely in the environment. “They do not look out of place and anyone can move them anywhere as they are on wheels,” says Newman.

Rensair hospital grade air purification
Rensair air purifier
Other pluses

The staff offered immediate feedback on the Rensair units. They lost no time in telling Newman that the air felt cleaner. Rensair’s large cleaning capacity cleans up to 560m3 of air per hour and its patented design and powerful fan create effective air circulation ensuring purification of all air in the room. “Rensair makes our employees feel safe when seated and when they are walking around the Center,” says Newman.

The advantages of Rensair have gone beyond office life during a pandemic. “We have already noticed that our sickness numbers have dropped and this is purely due to clean circulated air,” says Newman. Clear acknowledgement that Rensair provides clean air to every space at every time. 

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