Increasing Hotel capacity and room occupancy by purifying air to hospital-grade standards

Implementing and communicating a stringent policy of eradicating virus and bacteria from the air in a hotel’s premises, combined with both deep cleaning of surfaces and maintenance of safe distancing measures, will reassure potential guests. This will allow for improved reservations as well as a broader utilisation of ancillary hotel facilities on offer, improving the overall experience, as well as generating revenue from all potential sources.

Covid19 Impact on Hotels

Imposed lockdowns and travel bans due to the Covid19 pandemic severely impacted the hotel industry. Global hotel chains reported revenue per available room rates down 75-85% in 2Qtr 2020. 

The occupancy rate of London hotels was estimated at 27% percent in June 2020. U.S. hotels lost more than $46 billion in room revenue, losing up to $400 million in room revenue per day. 

There is, however, evidence that a large majority of hotels in China are now open and profitable, whilst US hotels are reopening with improving occupancy levels.

Virus transmission occurs in three ways:

Fomites (e.g. skin) that are contaminated with the virus.

Droplets that infected individuals expel when they cough, sneeze, or talk.

Aerosol (or airborne) transmission is similar to droplet transmission, except that the particles of fluid are so small that they can linger in the air for minutes to hours.

The evidence overwhelmingly supports indoor aerosol transmission of coronavirus with no strong arguments against it. The closer a person is to someone releasing virus-carrying aerosols, the more likely that person will inhale larger amounts of virus. Detailed rigorous studies show that when individuals talk in close proximity, aerosols dominate transmission and droplets are nearly negligible.

Recommended government guidelines and solutions

Whilst there is very specific and detailed governmental advice for surface cleaning to combat Fomite and large Droplet virus transmission, recommendations to mitigate the risks of Aerosol transmission remain vague. They principally rely on an open window and door policy (difficult to implement in the autumn and winter months), as well as enhanced lengthy ventilation.

US CDC: “Open outside doors and windows and use ventilating fans to increase air circulation in the area. Wait 24 hours or as long as practical before beginning cleaning and disinfection”.

UK DHSE: “Opening windows and doors frequently to encourage ventilation, where possible. Wedging doors open, where appropriate, to reduce touchpoints. This does not apply to fire doors. It is recommended that any ventilation or air conditioning system that normally runs with a recirculation mode should now be set up to run on full outside air where this is possible”.

Clearly these are not practical solutions for Hotels due to guest room turnover requirements and the need to offer various ancillary guest facilities.

Hotel Tyrol Rensair air purification
Hotel in Tyrol advocating for Rensair to help rebuild the industry in the region

Air Purification Solutions for Hotels

Coronavirus transmission risk can be mitigated in Hotels through a combination of implementing a) safe distancing measures b) a thorough surface cleaning policy and c) effective air purification. 

A Rensair Air Purification unit is small, portable, powerful, and highly effective. Using hospital grade HEPA13 filters and strong fans, it has been independently tested to show that it effectively eradicates 99.97% of airborne viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria, pollen and other airborne pollutants. Rensair air purification systems have been operating in Scandinavian hospitals for more than 10 years and more recently are utilised in UK hospitals and US Care homes, as well as restaurants, gyms and office spaces. Rensair works with clients to clarify how and where they should use air purification for their individual facilities and air quality needs. Is Rensair right for your hotels? See how it works here or contact our technical team

Our work with Hotels leads to finding an overall plan for each individual building complex. Rensair calculates air purification solutions from floor plans and visits to generate the correct air purification and air flow change for different rooms and structures:

Hotel lobby Rensair air purification
Hotel lobby in central London

Lobby area Rensair units can be effectively deployed to change the Lobby air up to 4 times an hour depending on the size and ventilation of the area. 

Restaurants and Bars A unit in these types of facilities is positioned where there is no client/employee traffic – independent testing shows Rensair units are effective wherever they are placed in a room. 

Guest rooms New customers should be assured that the risks of Coronavirus surface AND airborne transmission in a guest room has been alleviated. They should know that they are entering and staying in a room that has had both surfaces and air completely sterilised. 

Rensair recommends that after a room has been completely cleaned and surfaces sanitised following the Hotel’s Covid19 policy, a cleaner should then place a Rensair unit in the closed room to purify its air whilst the cleaner moves onto clean the next room. A Rensair unit can purify and change the air in a guest bedroom in less than 7 minutes (for a 75m3 room). A Rensair unit is extremely portable, lightweight and on wheels, allowing a cleaner to trail a Rensair unit after each room that has been cleaned.Lab

Gym air purification Performance Lab NYC using Rensair
Performance Lab NYC using Rensair

Gyms/Studios/Health Spas Rensair units are already purifying air in health and sports activity centres in the US and Europe, promoting full utilisation of these facilities. By offering the availability of these facilities, a Hotel can offer guests a better experience during their stay, whilst generating revenues from their use.

Employee Offices: Rensair units have been deployed in office spaces to purify air in the employee workplace. Risks of airborne transmission are seen to be higher in crowded and poorly ventilated spaces, like call centres. Portable air purification units can help mitigate these risks.

Communication Strategy

Covid19 is an invisible threat. Effective communication of thorough surface sanitisation, special awareness and air purification should lead to 

  • Reassured clients who are more likely to make a hotel reservation.
  • A higher use of ancillary services (restaurant, bars, gyms etc).
  • A better motivated staff who feel safeguarded.

Rensair recommends a two pronged information campaign:

Physical: A physical banner at reception to greet guests on arrival, communicating the Hotel’s air purification policy throughout the hotel. This will reassure customers at the beginning of their stay that their rooms and ancillary facilities are safe. This reassurance could be reinforced by small discreet labels on guest room doors confirming that rooms have been deep cleaned and had their air sterilised, as well as discreet notes in entrances to ancillary facilities. 

Online: Advertising of surface sanitisation and air purification on personal websites and third party re-seller sites. At the same time, constant communication of sanitisation policies via social media.

Product guarantee and maintenance

Rensair offers a one year guarantee should there be any malfunction in the air purification unit. They are, however, built to the very high quality standards required in the health sector and have been used in Scandinavian hospitals for more than 10 years. 

Rensair units are simple to service and maintain. Because the UVC light inside the Rensair Air Purification unit eradicates viruses and airborne pollutants on the filter, it is safe for general maintenance staff to replace the HEPA13 filter and UVC light. Rensair offers a full after sales service.

Long-term use

The trend of air pollution was worsening well before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. For example, asthma affects 1 in 12 children in the US and 1 in 11 in the UK. Businesses and households have become more educated and aware of the subject, requiring better air quality in their personal and business lives. 

Rensair offers a long term solution given the reliability of its air purification systems – the oldest unit, which has been serviced according to instructions, is still in operation after 10 years. 

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