Benesch Law prioritizes clean air to encourage return to the office   

January 19, 2023 – 2 Min

Rensair, specialists in indoor air quality, have supplied air purification units to business law firm Benesch to encourage employees to return to the office and return to in-person collaboration following the pandemic. 

Rensair’s Compact portable, hospital-grade air purifiers have initially been installed in conference rooms at the firm’s Chicago office, which houses approximately 100 attorneys. With a clean air delivery rate of 270ft3 of air per minute, the Compact is highly effective in removing airborne particulate matter, including pathogens such as COVID-19 and influenza. Five airflow speeds offer maximum flexibility, while 360-degree outflow ensures that clean air penetrates the entire room no matter where the unit is placed.

“For firms like ours to thrive, we really need in-person collaboration to brainstorm, strategize, and plan,” says Erik Connolly, Managing Chair of Benesch’s Litigation Group. “That’s why we have opted for the Rensair air purification units, so that our attorneys and staff can be safe and healthy while delivering award-winning representation for our clients.”

Even in modern offices, the World Health Organization’s recommended air change rate of 10 liters per second per person is an unrealistic expectation. This applies in particular to conference rooms with high occupancy levels and back-to-back meetings. In such settings, the CDC recommends portable air purification units that combine a HEPA filter with a powered fan system as a preferred option for auxiliary air cleaning. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation is also cited as a supplemental treatment to inactivate SARS-CoV-2.

Rensair’s combination of technologies fit the bill perfectly, increasing our attorneys’ and staff’s confidence in returning to the office.  In addition to our other safety measures, our attorneys and staff feel safer returning to the office knowing we are using Rensair’s incredible products to prioritize air purification,” adds Erik. “We have been very impressed by the performance of their air purification devices, and the quiet mode operation allows us to meet with others without distraction. Not only does it allow our attorneys to concentrate, but clean air will hopefully improve mental agility and productivity amongst our attorneys and staff.”

Benesch is an AmLaw 200 business law firm known for providing highly sophisticated legal services to national and international clients that include public and private, middle market and emerging companies, as well as private equity funds, entrepreneurs, and not-for-profit organizations. Services include class action litigation, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, products liability, securities litigation, data security and privacy, real estate, energy, intellectual property, healthcare, and labor and employment.

“Rensair adds more value than we could have imagined,” concludes Erik. “They don’t just provide cleaner air and a safer environment for our employees in a post-pandemic world, they contribute to the quality of our output. Rensair is helping Benesch be First in Service for its clients, attorneys, and staff.

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